Specialized PXI

PXI is an abbreviation for PCI eXtensions for Instrumentation. It is based on the PCI architecture, a commonly-used standard in personal computers, with an industrial connector. A second connector adds instrumentation-specific signals to the backplane, like clock and trigger signals.

Download our brochure “What is PXI?” for a more complete introduction on PXI.

Applicos is providing PXI modules that intend to close a gap in the portfolio of the big players such as National Instruments, Keysight, ADlink and others. We focus on special functions and above average performance. Also in PXI the Applicos culture yields excellence on noise, accuracy and other analog properties.

PXI instruments available from Applicos are listed below.

PA72 Series - PXI Generator & Digitizer platform.

Dual channel Programmable Power Supply, 0-48Vdc