10 April 2013

T&M Systems to represent Applicos in the Benelux

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T&M Systems to represent Applicos in the Benelux


HEERDE and TILBURG, the Netherlands - April 10, 2013 – Applicos BV, a developer and manufacturer of mixed-signal test solutions, and T&M Systems BV, a sales office of test- and measurement solutions, this week announced the availability of the Applicos PXI products through the T&M Systems sales channel.

This partnership brings the flexible PXI solutions of Applicos to a broader range of existing and new T&M Systems customers.

PXI is a standardized platform for compact modular measurement equipment. It is becoming more and more popular for its modular kind and compact size.

Applicos has been in the PXI market for over 10 years now and is focusing on high signal integrity, flexibility and customer-specific solutions. With the addition of Applicos’ products to the T&M systems line card, more customers will be able to get in touch with the flexible solutions offered by Applicos.

“I am excited to announce the cooperation with T&M Systems. As Applicos’ background is in semiconductor testing, Applicos does not have a lot of customers in the Benelux. T&M Systems is much more familiar with the Test & Measurement market in this area, and I hope it will bring our companies a lot of satisfied customers”, said Johannes van der Vegt, PXI sales engineer at Applicos.

“Applicos brings with the products range extra possibilities into our PXI based Test and Measurement solutions”, said Martin van den Brandt, Director of  T&M Systems.

This agreement is part of Applicos’ plan to improve their global network of sales partners, to get a better position on the PXI market.


About Applicos

Applicos is a Dutch-based company that started in 1993 with an instrument for test & analysis of data converters. This is still an important product for us but in the mean time we have developed many other Analog and Mixed-signal products, leveraging our experience and best-in-class designs into other markets.

Almost all of the Applicos employees are electronic engineers working as Mixed-signal designer for many years. This ensures we can handle challenging design tasks quickly and efficiently.  For volume manufacturing we work with external partners so we can stay focused on design and support of our products.

At Applicos we believe that customer satisfaction is the true test of our contribution to the mixed-signal marketplace.  We have done our job when our customers are happy. We will use all of the resources at our disposal to meet this goal.


About T&M Systems

T&M Systems is the Benelux sales and service office of test- and measurement equipment, software and -systems for Mobile communication, RF/HF/Micro wave electronics, Telecommunication, Network Performance, Data Acquisition and the ATE/PCB test industries.


We deliver advices to our customers and look together with them to the most optimal solution dependent of the application. Our program contains equipment of different manufacturers. This means that you will receive an independent advice.


With most of our suppliers we have exclusive distribution agreements for the Benelux. An overview of our suppliers you will find under the menu "Brands" on the website.

After Sales

After the sales transaction we deliver after sales "service and support" for all the delivered equipment in the Benelux. To optimize the use of your equipment we deliver service- and calibration contracts.





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T&M Systems:

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