14 May 2014

Now available: Signal generation with 22-bit resolution

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Now available: Signal generation with 22-bit resolution

The new AWG22 module for the ATX-series instruments features a 22-bit resolution. 

The module uses a combination of multiple DACs, sub-ranging, and error correction to deliver a full 22-bit performance level, with SNR and THD ratings that surpass many 24-bit AWGs.

"The excellent linearity, step response, and DC accuracy of AWG22 serve a wide range of applications requiring sine wave generation, ultra linear ramp generation and fast stepping signals," said Applicos president, Kars Schaapman. "With 4M-word (12M-byte) of internal memory very complex signal shapes can be generated." Upwards-compatible with the company's AWG20, the new AWG22 features a 2Msps sample rate and eight output ranges, starting at 80mVpp up to 10.2Vpp, which covers a wide range of unit-under-test input voltages. A filter-bank with four low-pass filters (1.2kHz, 12kHz, 40kHz, and 200kHz) provides excellent signal conditioning to obtain the best possible signal integrity. In addition there are four software selectable signal paths available for user defined filters.

For more information, please see the AWG22 specifications


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