11 September 2013

Now available: Signal generation with 18-bit resolution at 300Msps

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Now available: Signal generation with 18-bit resolution at 300Msps

The new AWG18 module for the ATX-series instruments features 18-bit resolution at 300Msps data rate. Additionally the user may select interpolated oversampling at 600Msps or 1.2Gsps.

This Arbitrary Waveform Generator has been designed to address the constantly evolving need for higher resolutions at higher frequencies. Testing analog systems with high speed 14 and 16-bit data converters require extremely clean signals to be applied. The traditional approach of filtering away the harmonics is simply insufficient when SNR, SFDR and "close-in carrier noise" are important. Also many applications need additional time domain measurements with signals other than sine waves.

To accommodate all this the AWG18 has two signal paths, the first starting at DC for time domain and general purpose measurements and the other from 10MHz to 100MHz, optimized for dynamic signal generation in this frequency range. The typical THD for frequencies up to 50MHz is less than 100dBc

Much attention has been paid to minimize clock jitter in order to avoid bin leakage and SNR reduction. The total jitter from the clock input to a 100MHz analog output signal is typically less than 0.2ps.

For more information, please see the AWG18 specifications


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