10 December 2018

Applicos acquired by Salland Engineering

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Applicos acquired by Salland Engineering

We are proud to announce that Applicos has been acquired bySalland Engineering.

Both Salland Engineering and Applicos have specialist knowledge of the semiconductor test market. In knowledge and experience the companies have some overlap, however both companies also complement each other; Applicos has more experience in Bench testing, where Salland Engineering has mainly focused on “Big Iron” ATE equipment. The acquisition strengthens the position of Salland Engineering as an international leading Test Technology & Engineering  company.
The Applicos customers can now benefit from an even broader knowledge of the electrical test industry, by tapping into the Salland Engineering resources.

The Applicos office has moved from Heerde to Zwolle, to join the Salland Engineering team in their new office building. All Applicos employees onboard with this transaction, ensuring all operations are continued.
The Applicos brand name will remain intact, and the products and services offered by Applicos will be continued.

Effective immediately, the new address is:

Boerendanserdijk 39
8024AE Zwolle
The Netherlands

Engineer at Applicos