ATX focus



  • Small footprint analog system
  • Carries one or two ATX style modules
  • Controller module can contain test sequence
  • Very suitable as add-on for ATE systems
  • ATX signal quality and accuracy
  • Network or USB communication with host
  • Optional low jitter PLL clock source
  • Optional internal calibrator unit

The ATX-Focus is a small enclosure that can hold one or two ATX style modules. The unit is intended for those situations where the specific performance of ATX modules is desired, but the additional features of the ATX7006 are not needed.

Example applications are high purity signal generation and capturing for audio and baseband testing, Input signal generation for ADC testing, high precision DC sourcing and measuring using the DRS20 module.

The controller handles the communication between the ATX-Focus and the host PC and also performs a number of self-tests and diagnostic services. The communication interface is USB or Ethernet (this allows future LXI compliant operation). Applicos can add user specific functions to the controller software.

The analog modules can be clocked via their front panel clock input or the central clock input on the controller module. This clock is distributed via the back plane in LVDS in order to keep the jitter low. Additionally the ATX-Focus can be extended with a low jitter PLL source that can generate any frequency from 2kHz to 945MHz. In that case the front panel clock input can be used as reference clock input.


The ATX-Focus provides ATX signal quality at a fraction of the cost




Block diagram


Standard modules:

The ATX-Focus uses ATX "style" modules. Some of them however need special care or have limitations when used in the ATX-Focus. The following modules are usable without any restriction:

  • AWG20
  • AWG22
  • WFD20
  • DRS20
  • DPS16

Custom modules:

The ATX-Focus provides an easy platform for customer-specific modules. Its backplane and controller architecture, and the possibility to run the module driver on a host computer make it easy and cost effective to add new hardware to this platform.

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