ATX Express


  • Fully integrated data converter test solution
  • Sample rates from DC up to 200MHz
  • Unsurpassed signal quality and accuracy
  • Coherent measuring by default
  • Flexible and versatile digital IO
  • Extended Analysis software included
  • Static, Dynamic and Histogram testing
  • Lua script for easy user test implementation

The ATX-Express is a fully integrated solution for testing ADCs, DACs and other Analog functions. It features the same signal quality and versatility as the ATX7006, but is limited to 5 slots. The ATX-Express is ideal for test labs that don't have a wide range of converters to test and therefore can settle with less slots. The ATX-Express is a single instrument for testing data converters. This saves the investment in various high end rack and stack instruments and writing proprietary software to control them.

This means you can concentrate on testing your converters rather than fine-tuning the test set-up. The ATX-Express is capable of testing converters from 4 to 24-bit. Its versatile digital I/O makes interfacing to the DUT easy, even for embedded converters. The Single Reference Architecture improves the stability and reduces calibration effort. The backplane distributed clock ensures coherent measuring.

The ATX-Express can also be used as an add-on upgrade for ATE systems. Please see the ATX7006 documentation for more details.


INL / DNL measurement of a 14-bit / 65Msps ADC




General specifications:
- 4U high Case Frame with integrated air cooling
- Power supplies, 115 / 230VAC
- Controller module running Windows™ XP embedded
- Ethernet and USB communication ports
- Built-in signal generation and error calculations for production measurements
- ATView Analysis software for Engineering and Qualification purposes (for Windows PC)
Standard configuration: Digital-IO module, 20-bit AWG, Dual Reference Source.


ATX-Express inside, screened modules, linear power supplies.

Summary of modules specifications:

AWG22 module

Resolution 22 bit
Update rate (max.) 2Msps
Pattern depth 4M-words
Output ranges (Vpp, SE) 80mV to 10.20V in x2 steps
Common mode voltage -5.1V to + 5.1V (20-bit resolution)
Output configuration Differential, Single Ended, 50Ohm
Output filters None, 200kHz, 40kHz, 12kHz, 1.2kHz
Absolute accuracy ±(25µV + 8ppm of range)
Non Linearity ±3ppm of range (2ppm typical)
SNR (1kHz, 5Vpp) 97dB (BW= DC-500kHz)
THD (1kHz, 5Vpp) -111dB (-120dB with 1.2kHz filter on)
THD (10kHz, 5Vpp) -109dB
SFDR (1kHz, 5Vpp, 1.5Ms) 112dB (no filter)

WFD20 module

Resolution 20 bit
Sample rate (max.) 2Msps
Capture memory 4M-words
Input ranges (Vpp) 0.544V to 8.16V in 8 ranges
DC offset voltage -5V to + 5V (19-bit resolution)
Input configuration differential or single, 100MOhm / 35pF
Input filters Bypass, 800kHz, 250kHz, 40kHz
Non Linearity ±(40µV + 10ppm of range)
Relative accuracy (INL) ±8ppm of range (3ppm typical)
SNR (1kHz, 5Vpp) 93dB (BW= DC-800kHz)
THD (1kHz, 2Vpp) -110dB
THD (10kHz, 2Vpp) -106dB
SFDR (1kHz, 2Vpp, 1.67Ms) 108dB (no filter)


AWG16 module

Resolution 16 bit
Update rate (max.) 200Msps DIO clk/400Msps ext. clk
Pattern depth 8M-words
Output ranges Single Ended 480mVpp to 5.12Vpp in 8 ranges
Output ranges Differential 960mVpp to 10.24Vpp in 8 ranges
Common mode voltage -2.56 to +2.56V (16-bit resolution)
Output configuration Differential or single ended, 50Ohm
Output filters None, 60MHz, 30MHz, 15MHz
Absolute accuracy ±(500µV+0.08% of range)
SNR (fs=200Ms,fout=1MHz) 70dB (BW DC-100MHz)
THD (fs=200Ms,fout=1MHz) -87dB
SFDR (fs=200Ms,fout=1MHz) 88dB

WFD16 module

Resolution 16 bit
Sample rate 1Msps - 180Msps
Capture memory 8M-words
Input ranges (Vpp) 0.512Vpp to 7.688Vpp in 16 ranges
Input impedance 50O or 10kOhm/25pF
Input configuration Differential/single ended, AC/DC
Input filters Bypass, 60MHz, 30MHz, 15MHz
Absolute accuracy ±(800µV+0.1% of range)
Non Linearity ±0.006 of range
SNR (fs=160Ms,fout=1MHz) 70dB (BW DC-80MHz)
THD (fs=160Ms,fout=1MHz) -89dB
SFDR (fs=160Ms,fout=1MHz) 90dB


  DRS20 DPS16
No. of outputs 2 2
Resolution 20-bit 16-bit
Settling time 20ms 10ms
Output configuration 2 or 4-wire 2 or 4-wire
Output range ±10V ±12V
Accuracy ±(25µV+10ppm.Vo) ±(4mV+0.2%.Vout)
Noise (DC- 100kHz) 5µVrms (typical) 18µVrms (typical)
Output current 10mA 200mA
Current limit range n.a. 10mA - 200mA
Voltage readback 24-bit (DVM function) 16-bit (volt&current)
V-out modulation n.a. 1mHz - 1kHz

Digital-IO module

Data In- Outputs 20-bit parallel, 24-bit serial
Data IO Formats parallel, byte by byte, serial
Capture / Stimuli memory 4Mword x 24 bits
Maximum data rate 50MHz (low speed mode)
Pattern generator 100MHz, 64kword x 16 bits
Digital I/O levels 1.2V to 3.3V/5V CMOS
High Speed Mode:  
Data source / capture rate 200MHz (max.)
External clock rate 400MHz (max.)
Capture / Stimuli memory 8Mword x 16 bits
Digital I/O levels LVDS (or converter board)


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